Things To Consider When Buying A Mountain Bike

 By: Jillian Smith
Are you a biking enthusiast? If you are, then you probably know how problematic buying the perfect mountain bike can be. If you are a newbie and wish to buy your very first mountain bike, you have to be prepared for a tough hunt. You should never settle for anything less than satisfactory. If it is anything to go by, you should settle for the best there is in the market. Quality and price do come hand in hand, however, and it is a reality that we all have a specific budget range. But that is of little consequence. There are so many quality mountain bikes that you can afford. It's a matter of looking for the best deals.

First thing to consider when buying a mountain bike is your budget. Do some research on the different price levels of available mountain bikes. You need not go inside every sporting goods store to compare prices. The internet will do just fine, maybe even better, as there are countless of online stores and biking websites from which you may get the information you need. When you have an estimate of how much a mountain bike costs, you can set out and begin looking for the bike that you want. Here's a little tip - try buying from a local community sporting goods or bike shop. The prices are considerably lower than those from mass merchant stores like Wal-Mart.

What is your style? Mountain bikes are manufactured differently from one another. The reason for this is that there are different specifications and requirements on mountain bikes depending on your riding style and the terrain types that you will be conquering. Among the different styles of biking are - smooth riding, cross country racing, mountain cruising, or lift accessed downhill. You need to know which of these styles you will be embarking on. This is very important in finding out the right mountain bike for you. Here's another tip - salespeople are in it for the commission. Don't listen to their tiny voices which say you need to buy this or that bike because they are top of the line. Buy according to your needs and style.

There is another very important point that you need to consider when buying a mountain bike. Full suspension or hard tail? To be honest, a full suspension mountain bike is the best choice. That is, if you can afford it. However you can still choose a hard tail. If you opt for the hard tail, which means the bike has no rear suspension, the bike will be much lighter and pedal more efficiently. Full suspensions are of course the most comfortable. However, since there is a satisfactory alternative in the presence of the hard tail, this decision will be based on what you really want and what your budget is.

Don't forget to take the bike for a test ride. Try testing out several different bikes, so you will be sure which one works best for you and with you. Also, try checking out seasonal sales and promos. This way, you will be able to save some money and afford the best possible mountain bike within your price range.

I hope that this little guide was able to help you. With the tips given, I am sure that you and your new bike will work together for that ultimate mountain biking adventure.
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