Three Reasons Why A Dental Implant Specialist Might Not be Necessary

 By: Kate Dawson
The success of dental implants as a solution to several dental conditions has convince some people that it is the best solution for almost every case. However, as any dental implant specialist will explain, implanting a false tooth into the jaw bone is a serious procedure that should only be availed of when it is necessary.

In fact, it is the responsibility of all UK dentists, in Lincolnshire, London, Cumbria and everywhere else, to advise on the most suitable treatment for each individual patient, meaning that sometimes dental veneers, for example, might be better option.

There are several reasons why getting an implant is the best option. When a tooth is knocked out, or even simply falls out, the gap that remains can compromise the health of the gums and the remaining teeth, and filling that void becomes necessary. The faster this can be done, the better, and by implanting a replacement tooth the gap is filled permanently.

Of course, sometimes teeth have suffered such decay that they are good for nothing but to be pulled and replaced. This is especially true in the case of a root canal, when the pulp in the centre of tooth may have been damaged so much as to leave the nerves in the gum exposed. However, if it believed that, after the root canal procedure is done the shell of the remaining tooth is not strong enough, the tooth will then need to be taken out completely and then be replaced by an implant.

However, though it might be tempting to immediately ask a dentist for an implant, and some of the alternatives should be considered first before any decision is made.

Discolouring Does Not Always Mean Decay

Serious discolouration is not necessarily a sign that a tooth needs to be replaced. For the most part, discolouring is down to diet and an unwise habit of not regularly brushing. All that is needed then, is a thorough cleaning and perhaps even a whitening procedure.

However, the longer teeth remain uncleaned, the greater the damage done to the enamel on the tooth, with mottling and cracking common. In such cases, veneers are highly effective, covering the damaged enamel with a super thin shield of impenetrable porcelain that also provides a brilliant white finish.

Veneers can also be used when small gaps exist between teeth, or if the shape of the teeth are a problem, such as being too narrow on top. In essence, the veneer can reconstruct the tooth by simply cover the imperfections.

Chipped Teeth Can Still Be Healthy If a tooth is chipped, it does not necessarily mean that the tooth needs to be taken out. Chipping can happen in several different ways, with sudden knocks capable of breaking off small parts of the tooth.

This can be easily dealt with by a dentist simply applying some resin to the area to repair the chip. The resin is shaped to match the the original tooth, before it is cured to harden the surface. The dentist might also reshape a chipped tooth if the damage is not much, by shaving off any sharp edges and basically evening it out.

Alternatives Can Be Perfectly Adequate A third situation where a dental implant specialist might believe his services are not necessary is when bridges or removable dentures are viable options.

A gap can be filled by a bridge if there are teeth on either side of the gap left by the missing tooth, which are strong enough to be used as anchors for the bridge. Alternatively, a removable denture can be used to slot into the gap and is attached to a plate that slips in behind the teeth.

However, it is worth noting that there are some negatives to these alternatives. Removable dentures are prone to sliding out of place, and will eventually need to be replaced or tightened. A bridge, meanwhile, could need to be refixed. A dental implant, however, is permanently secure. All dentists, in Lincolnshire and Lancashire, Devon and Durham, or anywhere else in the UK, will testify that implants are not always necessary, with dental veneers suitable alternatives in some cases, and bridges in others. As is the case in every medical area, options should be discusses before any decision is made.
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