Tips to Help Your Pets with Winter Weather

 By: Bea York
Young pets, old pets and short-haired pets are more vulnerable to cold temperatures so keep them inside as much as possible. They should not be left outside without supervision.

Provide a shelter for pets that are kept outside. Add straw for additional insulation from the cold and provide a snug, warm bed that does not sit directly on the ground.

Consider buying a coat or sweater for your short haired dogs to keep them warm this winter.

If you pet has long hair on the bottom of his feet keep them clipped to prevent ice from building up. This can be painful and difficult to remove.

Put petroleum jelly into your pet's paw pads to protect their feet from the salt and cold. There are also boots/socks available to protect their feet.

Give your pet extra food and water, in plastic bowls, when they are outside for extended periods of time.

Clean up any spills of antifreeze. It is poisonous to your pets. Keep chemicals out of your pet's reach.

Salt and Ice melting chemicals can burn and irritate the pads of your pet's paws. Make sure to clean off your pet's paws once he has returned inside.

Remember that cats and other animals like to get under the motor of the car for warm when it is cold outside. Bang on the hood of your car before starting your engine.

It is hard to keep your footing on ice with long nails. Keep your pet's nails trimmed.

When walking or exercising your pet keep them away from frozen ponds or lakes that are covered with snow.

Snow that piles up gives dogs the opportunity to use them to jump over fences to escape from their yards. So keep snow piles away from fences.

During the winter your pet's skin can get dry and flaky. You can add fish oil or coconut oil to their food or use coconut oil directly on their skin.

During the winter our pets want to keep warm, too. Keep a barrier in front of baseboard heaters, wall heaters and fireplaces to prevent your pet from getting burns.

Contact your vet if you suspect your pet has frostbite or hypothermia immediately.

All pets, including small caged pets, need to have a warm place to sleep away from drafts.

The winter season can cause power outages. When you prepare your emergency kit for your family, remember to add food and water for your pet along with a can opener if needed, a leash, bowl and any medication they need.

Harsh winter weather brings a wide variety of concerns to responsible dog owners. Bitter cold, numbing wetness or biting winds can cause discomfort for that special dog in your life. Paying special attention to your loyal friend’s wellbeing during the winter season will insure that you both enjoy the season to the fullest. And don’t forget that winter cuddles with your canine buddy are a great way for everybody to keep warm!
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