Top Causes of Infertility

 By: Chris Burhans
One of the most crushing moments for any couple is the revelations that one or the other partner is incapable of conceiving. One the most common goals among couples is the unending desire to create a family of their own, to raise and cherish. This can be changed with the delivery of one crushing diagnosis of infertility. The matter of infertility is not solely for women. Men are known to claim one-third of existing infertility cases.

So, how does one define infertility exactly? For women, infertility is defined as the inability to conceive, having tried for one year; while for men, it is the lack of the capability to impregnate.

There are varied causes of infertility. For men, infertility issues are generally based on low or inadequate sperm production. Another infertility issue that often plaques men is the actual capability of the sperm to reach the fertilized egg and penetrate it. A sperm may find it difficult to reach and penetrate the egg for several reasons, such as having an abnormal shape. Most infertile males are born with a dysfunctional sperm production.

However, some cases of infertility came about as a result of an illness or injury and not at birth. One such case in point is the hereditary disease known as cystic fibrosis, which causes certain glands to produce damage to tissues and organs through secretion and, as a result, cause infertility in some males. There are a number of triggers that may increase the potential for infertility problems in a male, due mainly to the fact that the quality of the sperm results greatly from an excellent healthy lifestyle. Men, just like women, are subject to the consequential side effects of environmental exposure to certain toxic substances, such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, environmental pesticides or lead. Not to mention, certain medication and underlying health problems are also major culprits of infertility.

For most females with infertility issues, the main problem area is most often the ovulation process. The ovulation process is necessary to ensure that at the time of ovulation there is an egg ready to be fertilized. The absence of a menstrual cycle or an irregular menstrual cycle could be signs of infertility in a female. There are many factors that contribute to infertility in females; for instance, her age, the actual level of daily stress, inadequate diet, under nourishment, over weight, smoking, hormonal imbalances, and sexually transmitted diseases.

As bizarre as it may seem, there is a distinct reason for age causing infertility issues. This is mainly due to the proven fact that women begin to lose their ability to produce children after reaching a certain age. One concept is based on the quality of the eggs that she is capable of producing being substandard, and the actual number of eggs produced also diminishing. Aging is the systematic scapegoat of many medical conditions, problems, and complications in men and women. With fertility, aging causes birth defects and an increased number of miscarriages.

The process of elimination when trying to find out the cause of infertility is lengthy. It remains one of the most complicated lessons in life that many couples find an emotionally vampire. Make an effort not to rush the process. Ensure that you participate in the required examinations and tests suggested by your doctor. It is how a greater understanding about your state of fertility is developed and potential issues identified. This is exactly what your doctor has trained for. Give them a chance.
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