Transient Ischemic Attack

 By: Linda John Smith
Transient ischemic attack can be described as mini stroke or warning stroke that generates symptoms similar to that of stroke. Well unlike the symptoms of stroke which at times tend to continue even post the stroke, the Transient ischemic attack does not leave any permanent damage. Identifying the symptoms of TIA and starting the treatment in the initial stage can lower down the risk of a major stroke.

Not all the strokes are predated by TIA. On the other hand, individual who have suffered from one or more TIA are at higher risk for stroke. Age and sex are no barriers for TIA. Mostly, TIA is important for predicting the arrival of stroke. In most of the cases, stroke takes place within one year of the occurrence of TIA. Numerous factors contribute for provoking the symptoms of TIA. Generally, it is caused due to temporary blood clots in the arteries. Even the insufficient supply of blood, nutrients, and oxygen to brain cells may form blood clots in brain. The symptoms of transient ischemic attack appear quickly and last comparatively for shorter period. Usually TIA's does not last for even five minutes. Minimally, it last for one minute. As, we mentioned earlier, TIA does not leave any permanent disability with the person. An individual who have experienced stroke usually are left with permanent injuries.

The symptoms of TIA should be recognized at very early stage. The common symptoms of TIA are very much similar to those of stroke. The symptoms of TIA are as follows:

- Frequent numbness or tingling in the feet or hands
- Extreme weakness in facial muscles
- Difficulty in walking
- Continuous dizziness
- Imbalance or lack of coordination between hands and feet
- Severe headache
- Trouble in speaking or apprehending

Do not ignore these symptoms and immediately seek for medical attention. Transient ischemic attacks can also be prevented with simple measures. In this article we will also deal with simple measures to prevent TIA symptoms:

- Quit smoking: Smoking increases the chance of TIA or a stroke. It affects your lungs and blood circulation process.
- Control your cholesterol: Cut down the intake of saturated fat oriented food items as; they increase the level of LDL cholesterol.
- Include veggies and fruits: Include ample of fresh green leafy veggies and fruits in your daily diet. These food items are excellent source of vitamins and minerals.
- Restrict the intake of sodium: Individuals suffering from high blood pressure problem should cut down the intake of sodium in their diet.
- Exercise regularly: Regular exercise will keep you away from numerous ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders.
- Reduce alcohol: Reduce the consumption of alcohol and opt for natural refreshing drinks.
- Control weight: Overweight is a serious problem that results in several life-threatening diseases.
- Do not use drugs: Stay away from harmful drugs such as cocaine and ganja. Using these drugs will increase the risk of TIA and stroke.
- Control diabetes: Diabetes is not curable, but can be controlled and managed. If neglected, diabetes can be a severe problem.
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