Treat Yourself to a Diet That Helps Rheumatoid Arthritis

 By: Jamie Hanson
There are many natural cures for arthritis including learning about and following the rheumatoid arthritis diet to help alleviate symptoms of painful joints

Treatments for overcoming Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
This list includes both natural rheumatoid arthritis diet and alternative arthritis remedies for curing arthritis, as well as artificially prepared drugs and other medications. Though it may seem counterintuitive one of the natural cures for arthritis suggestions to relieving pain is to exercise. However, it is important to work with knowledgeable therapists who can develop a safe routine that will not aggravate the existing problem.

Exercise works because it can help improve movement and reduce stiffness, it can help keep up the strength of muscles that will protect and support the affected joints and it can improve circulation which is beneficial for overall health. Add to that the bonus that it may reduce or control weight that adds stress to afflicted joints.

Proper rest is always important for the body to help restore itself. And it is thought that inflammation eases off when the body is able to achieve a restful stage.

Massage and hydrotherapy help to relieve stiffness in joints and both work to improve circulation. For some individuals that are very nearly crippled with arthritis they have found that being in a pool allows them the only real opportunity to have movement and exercise free from the stress on their sore joints. It can provide some very real blessed moments of relief.

Another area to be explored for alternative arthritis remedies is the strength of one's perceptions. It has been noted that anxiety and uncertainty about what is happening in one's own body can accentuate the pain felt. This means that gaining a clear understanding of what is occurring and what can be done in the way of treatment can work to relieve some of the stress and thus some of the pain as well.

As has been shown time and again - a calm and positive outlook will produce a better reaction in the physical body over a bitter and negative one. Focusing on things that are enjoyable and uplifting can go a long way in keeping one's mind from dwelling on the pain. Pain that is dwelt on seems to always increase. Granted, it may take a supreme effort to begin such a pattern of thinking but the reward of improving the quality of life that we have been given will always be worth it.

Sea-bathing is another popular natural remedy. Since natural iodine present in sea water helps relieve arthritis pain, it is a good option. It is one of the most natural cures for arthritis as it regenerates the tissues that have been worn out as a result of arthritis.

Try eating a rheumatoid arthritis diet which help cure arthritis: Poor diet, obesity, lack of nutrition in diet are some of the factors which can lead to the state of RA, and hence a change in one’s diets, and inclusion of a certain class of food items in the diet can drastically improve the condition.

Diet that helps rheumatoid arthritis:

Changing your diet can help cure arthritis. Excess weight increases the pressure on the joints, and thus causes pain in joints, so starting a weight loss program can be of enormous benefit to anyone suffering from painful joints. You can also focus your daily nutrition intake to include specific food items that help alleviate the pain and hence enhance the overall curing process.

There is a site with contributions from Helene Malmsio, a nutritional consultant since 1994, where she writes about the natural cures and home remedies suggested for rheumatoid arthritis diet - detailing the specific foods that help relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and also including the benefits of using Tang Kuei and vitamin nutrition supplements in your diet for those who do not have time to monitor their meals every day to make sure they include the complete arthritis diet.

The diet for arthritis food items below contain essential nutrients that increase the blood supply and also alleviate the stiffness in the joints.

÷ Coconut/ Mustard oil
÷ Raw and fresh vegetables and fruits
÷ Consumption of meat must be reduced
÷ Avoid consumption of butter, cream etc. Saturated fats are considered to be detrimental during arthritis cure.
÷ Tang Kuei: Also known as the Queen amongst herbs, tang kuei acts as a balancing factor of hormones. It reduces the pain in joints during arthritis. It also reduces nervous tension and stress that accompany RA. All in all, it acts as a calming agent both physically and mentally, and is paramount for natural cure for arthritis.
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