Two Affordable Forms Of Cosmetic Dentistry UK Consumers Opt For

 By: Kate Dawson
Cosmetic procedures are generally associated with overly unnecessary treatments that take time have done and end up costing a lot of money. However, the truth is that the vast majority of people who undergo cosmetic surgery do so for very real reasons. For example, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, uk consumers can benefit from a range of very affordable procedures that do not take up much time at all.

In fact, many such treatments are practically immediate, with teeth whitening taking little more than the average length of time one would usually spend in the dentist chair. Even more serious dental surgeries can be completed in just a few hours, with emergency patients benefiting from a same day fixed teeth promise, letting them to return to normal in the shortest time possible.

The reasons that one might have for seeking cosmetic treatment is quite varied, but there is little doubt we are living in times when everyone is particularly aware of their appearance. From the choice of high street branded clothes to the style and colouring of ones hair, people do take more care now of their appearance now than they did in decades gone by.

What is also without doubt is that one of the most significant aspects of appearance that people notice is ones teeth. A greeting usually includes a smile, and a smiling face can easily expose the condition that a set of teeth are in, showing them to be white and healthy or discoloured and in needed of some attention. A smile can also show the teeth to be aligned or crooked.

Simply by consuming every day food and drink, the colour of ones teeth can be affected. In fact, drinking coffee and tea can take a very definite toll on teeth, leaving them stained brown in colour, while the build up of plaque can also discolour enamel from its natural white shade to a yellow. Returning full whiteness to the teeth is not easily done independently, with whitening toothpaste only accomplishing so much.

However, a dentist is able to turn brown or yellow into white by a multi step process that takes no more than one hour. The teeth are thoroughly cleaned, where they are polished and the plaque on them removed before a whitening solution is applied. There are two types of solution available and which one is used is down to the dental clinic at which the procedure takes place, with the choice being hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Usually, a curing laser is required to quicken the drying of the solution and to bring out the whitening effect more immediately. The solution can be reapplied several times over the course of the hour, each time adding a little more whiteness to the smile. Of course, dentists will instruct their patients to avoid certain foods for at least 24 hours to avoid ruining the effect, with mustard, ketchup, coffee, tea and curry on the list. Of course, there are dental procedures that are much more necessary than whitening, and often in the case of a sports or traffic accident, where the teeth of a patient has been severely damaged, surgery may be required immediately.

Such patients typically arrive at clinic in considerable pain, which means the quicker their condition can be attended to the better. The task of rebuilding broken teeth and replacing missing teeth can be done within one day, and for many the chance to have same day fixed teeth is a major plus ensuring pain does not have to be relived.

It is also an advantage for those not seeking an emergency dental treatment, but who have little time on their hands to have necessary dental work done. With same day procedures including the insertion of dental implants in the jaw, a business man can have implants inserted before heading abroad on business.

From carefree teeth whitening services completed in just an hour to same day dental implant surgery, when it comes cosmetic dentistry uk consumers are not short of choices. However, the chief factor is that none of these procedures cost the earth, so the old associations with expensive extravagances can be put away. Instead, everyone can now get the radiant and perfect smiles they have always wanted.
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