Upper Cervical Care For MS: Is It For You?

 By: Michael Russell Platinum Expert Author
Everyday of the year people are popping into their chiropractor's office for a realignment of a neck or back. Because of our busy and stressful lives, necks and backs will continue to need care. It's turned into a booming global career opportunity and business for chiropractors over the last 20 years and is still growing. People of all ages ranging from infants to the elderly have received so much relief from realignment that they'd sooner give up a cafè(c), latte' or cup of 'joe' than a much needed back or neck adjustment. Now a growing number of people with Multiple Sclerosis have been receiving gradual to complete relief of symptoms with NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). This new avenue of treatment adds to the growing stack of confusing facts and hypotheses about Multiple Sclerosis, its cause, diagnosis and treatment.

Many doctors worldwide would agree and admit that Multiple Sclerosis is one the top problem-child diseases that continually haunts and challenges them. Because Multiple Sclerosis can and often does mimic various other diseases, it is not only difficult to diagnose but is almost near to impossible to treat as well. This mimicking, strong-willed problem child called "Multiple Sclerosis" that seems to continually defy medical common sense has led well-noted scientists, physicians, nurses and sometimes patients to approach the disease from many different avenues in search of answers and symptom relief. One such avenue is a realignment of the upper cervical spine. It's called Upper Cervical Care or the NUCCA Technique. This avenue of thought is based on some studies that show that previous accidents that involved some type of trauma to the spine; usually some long forgotten about injury minor or serious thereby causing a compressing of the brain stem and most often causing a misalignment of the spine are related to Multiple Sclerosis. Information like this is vital and not to be dismissed because the brainstem is very involved in the proper functioning of the central nervous system which is instrumental in carrying messages and signals throughout the central nervous system. Malfunctioning errors of this kind is a major face of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

How can NUCCA help? After obtaining several images of your vertebrae to determine exactly where the misalignment is, proper adjustments over time can be made to put your head back in balance so the rest of your body and system can be back in balance. Patients find NUCCA care to be painless, very specific and gentle. NUCCA focuses on the "Atlas" vertebrae located just beneath the brainstem where the problem is. A partial dislocation of the Atlas vertebrae is believed to be the cause of many illnesses, with Multiple Sclerosis right up there at the top. It literally throws the entire body out of balance inside and outside. It's the classic strand of hair in the eye that causes much discomfort. The specific technique for manipulating the Atlas is an advanced version of Ralph Gregory, DC's original Grostic technique perfected by NUCCA.

Is NUCCA for you? Do some of your own research. Over the years, various ABC pharmaceutical type drugs have brought a measure of relief to many patients with Multiple Sclerosis, sometimes even slowing its progression in a good number of patients. Unfortunately, not all have experienced favorable results. Many of these patients have sought out other alternative methods in their search for even a little symptom relief. NUCCA is one of those alternative methods.

The NUCCA Technique is non-traditional chiropractic care at its best and only a couple hundred practitioners are trained and qualified to perform the NUCCA Technique in the United States but the demand is growing as those with MS and other diseases wonder if NUCCA might work for them.
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Multiple sclerosis (MS) was first described in Holland by a 14th century physician. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, potentially debilitating disease that affects your central nervous system, which is made up of your brain and spinal cord. Multiple sclerosis (MS) usually affects woman more than men. Multiple sclerosis affects an estimated 300,000 people in the United States and probably more than 1 million people around the world - including twice as many women as men.

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