Useful Immune System Facts for a Better Understanding of HIV

 By: Lilibeth Thompson
By reading more about immune system facts, there'll be a better understanding of how the immune system works. It can also open our eyes to one of the most dreaded diseases in the world which can destroy it, HIV.

The immune system is our body's warrior against harmful substances. It is more efficient than the strongest armies in the world and it is one of the life-giving systems in our body. When it malfunctions, it can lead to imminent death. For this reason, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) - the onset of AIDS (Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome) has become one of the most serious issues that increased the mortality rate of the world's population today.

The human body is a wonderful machine. From a single cellular structure, it has evolved into a complex and multi-cellular system. It is self-sufficient and it can excellently perform every biological, physical and chemical function. The human body utilizes the vitamins and minerals we take in so as to carry out basic mechanisms and bodily functions.

One of the amazing immune system facts ever revealed is that the immune system is equipped with a perfect defense mechanism that can fight against outside threats. This includes the onset of pathogens or disease-producing substances like HIV and AIDS.

With HIV, the immune system begins to fail. It can then result to deadly opportunistic infections. HIV infections can be transferred in numerous ways. This can be through breast milk, blood transfusion, vaginal fluid or semen. Since these bodily fluids can be affected by HIV, the four major ways of transmission are through contaminated needles, breast milk, unsafe sex and vertical transmission such as an infected mother to her baby. Thorough checking of blood products for HIV therefore is very important. With proper understanding of the disease, it has dramatically eliminated transmission of HIV through blood transfusions.

Immune system facts are worth-knowing. These facts alone can help save lives. The most important compositions include the organs and cells. These are the bone marrow, thymus, spleen, lymph nodes and T-cells as well as natural killer cells, B cells, granulocytes, macrophoges and dendritic cells.

The environment also plays a vital important role in affecting the immune systems responsiveness. Air pollution, toxic substances, pesticides and cigarettes affect the defense system of the body. You can boost your immune system by avoiding HIV such as by being loyal to one partner and to avoid sharing needles. Of course, getting enough beauty sleep for at least 8 hours a day can also boost the immune system. Minimize dieting, not pumping excessive iron in the gym, overcoming stress and fatigue through regular massages can also help as these massages can increase the number of aggressive natural killer cells and antibodies in the body. You can also practice a clean, wholesome, hygienic life. Take vitamins A (backbone of a healthy of immune system), B (supplier of energy), C (required from preventing the occurrence of illnesses) and E (inducer of the multiplication of white blood cells).

Other immune system facts are available in books and even in online articles. The awareness for HIV and AIDS has increased a great deal since the earlier times when people having it were treated unjustly. HIV or AIDS won't affect you just by talking to them or by merely having coffee with them. It is when you have sex with them or when their blood is transferred to you that can be affected. This means, you need to treat these people with the same respect and love as you treat any normal person.

Ways to boost and maintain your immune system is to adopt a balanced diet, proper hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. Expose the body to moderate sunlight, quit smoking and be happy. Laughter is, in fact, the best medicine.
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