By: Lizzi Loraine
If you are water sports lover and are the adventurous type and want to spend your summer in the water, then wakeboarding is simply the perfect sport for you. Though this particular sport is rather new it has been well accepted and has also gained popularity within a very short period. This sport includes wakeboards and wake-ropes. The length of the wakeboard varies between 120 and 150 centimeters and the width ranges between 40 and 45 centimeters.

Various kinds of wakeboards:

If you are a beginner then you should start with longer wakeboards that come with square edges or square rails. These kinds of wakeboards are much more stable and trouble-free to control, whereas it is much easier to land with the round-edged wakeboards. Being round edged, these wakeboards allows you to gather speed much conveniently. They also provide quicker lifts during air tricks.

Some of the wakeboard riders also take the fins, rockers, design and the bindings of the board into consideration. The main function of the binding, which is also known as the boots, is to provide a secure attachment to the boards. These bindings also provide a comfortable support for your ankle as well as for your heel.

Wakeboard Ropes:

The ropes used for wakeboarding generally vary in length and elasticity. The normal length of a wake-rope ranges between 60 and 70 feet. Some of them are one-piece that come without any length adjustments, whereas others come with additional adjustment loops.

Wakeboard Towers:

These days, most of the wake boards come with wakeboard towers. In such boards the rope is s mounted on this tower, instead of being tied on the back of the boat. The length of the tower is usually 2 to 3 meters from the water level. These wakeboard towers help the riders to achieve a better pull and stability as well as allow them to gain more height while performing air tricks. They further provide supplementary space wakeboard speakers, for wakeboard racks, and lights.

Wakeboard Accessories:

There are several wakeboard accessories easily available in the market. These accessories add extra color and glamour to your wakeboards. You can attach wakeboard speakers to the towers which can be utilized to play music as well as to give instructions to the riders. You can also get waterproof covers for your wakeboard speakers. Wakeboard lights are in fact necessary if you want to show off your skills at night. Most of the handles come with rubber padding as they need to be comfortable to hold on. For the beginners it is essential to use wakeboard helmets for additional safety.

Tips for buying wakeboards:

• Before buying your own wakeboard study about them as much as possible. The boards and the equipments differ by levels of experience.
• Always consider your level of wakeboarding for your safety purpose.
• Get your bindings as well since most of them come without one.
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