Wedding Cake Toppers - The Perfect Things to Reflect Your Personality and Taste

 By: Wade P. Farge
Many people regard wedding cake topper to be the most important part of a wedding, right after wedding dress. Not only does a unique cake tops reflect a lot about you, your personality, and your wedding, it also serves as a very important piece of memory; couples often end up keeping the toppers to use for their wedding anniversary.

But if you are the type of person that does not want to follow the crowd then you must be tired of the same old toppers? Why not try something original and have a custom made one to reflect your personality, hobbies, career and taste...

So the following are some main styles you can choose from.

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

Why I put this at first? Since if you decide to custom a cake top, you needn't to know about others at all. They are the most unique ones in the world; actually they are one of a kind. Made by your specified, these toppers will be the reflection of your personality. You may want to custom some cute animals or mascot of your college, favorite sport teams, even you can custom a mini you. Some skillful sculptors can sculpt figurines just resemble you.

Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers

These are the most common ones which have two traditional bride and groom standing side by side, arm by arm. They can give your cake a very formal and traditional look. Maybe you will say, you and your fiance aren't the typical traditional bride and groom at all, but that doesn't stand for you can't choose this kind. Since nowadays, retailers offer many choices of brides and grooms in every color, shape and size. If you want to give your cake a touch of classic appeal, a traditional cake top is just the right thing you need.

Floral Wedding Cake Toppers

When you know the importance of flowers in a wedding, you will quite agree that putting flowers at top of cakes is really natural. Flowers increase natural beauty and are appropriate for every theme of wedding. There are many styles of floral cake tops, like putting a small bunch of flowers on the top of cake or making flowers hang at side of cake like a waterfall.

Sometime you don't have to use real flowers as toppers, even you can choose some silk or plastic flowers. But you do prefer to use natural blooms, there is a small tip. Pick flowers of different varieties that will remain fresh for a few hours. It is a sure thing to get the flowers ready couple of hours before the ceremony. You don't want the flowers faded at the same time your wedding ceremony is blooming, right?

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

If your couple wants to make a lot of fun and lighten up the atmosphere of your wedding, some funny wedding cake tops will be appropriate for you and will add special sense of humors to your wedding reception. They will make you smile such as bride and groom jumping out of cake or the bride fishing for the groom and even a cake topper where the bride drags the groom by his collar. If you want your guest have a happy laugh on your wedding, a funny wedding cake topper will work perfectly.

Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

Monograms can be found everywhere in weddings recently and of course no exception at top of wedding cake. General speaking, monogram cake toppers feature the initial of the groom's last name which give a very personal mark on your wedding reception and they are unique way to show pride in the names of the bride and groom. Several materials can be used at monogram cake toppers such as flowers, plastic and even you can add Swarovski Crystal on your cake toppers.
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