What Can Oxygen Do?

 By: Karl L
Our use of oxygen is so obvious that we may not appreciate how much we use it and how we use it. We breathe. We know that there must be oxygen to breathe or we cannot live, but how much more is there to this amazing gas that took the place of sulfur in the planet's early life. (Recall from Section One that life started with sulfur-eating microbes when there was no oxygen anywhere on the planet.)

Something very real to us humans is death, and in the modern era it is death from heart disease and cancer that causes some 80% of all death. Oxygen, or lack of it, is at the root of both of these health problems.

Heart disease, by definition, is a failure of the heart to pump blood-containing oxygen to the brain and body. Strokes are nothing more than a sudden interruption of oxygen to the brain.

Putting more oxygen into cells with Bio Sulf would not prevent a heart failure from causing death.
Like many health issues, however, the heart failure is preceded by other body failures, which may be preventable -- given adequate oxygen in the cells.

The body is a complex machine, which depends on blood flowing throughout the entire body for life.
Arteries deteriorate or get clogged. That leads to heart failure and stroke. Could more oxygen in the cells prevent the problems that are smaller than heart failure but which lead to heart failure?

Is there something better than drugs and surgery?

In July 2001, the institute supplanted the former McGowan Center for Artificial Organ Development, expanding its mission to include developing therapies that re-establish tissue and organ function impaired by disease, trauma or congenital abnormalities.

About 170 scientists, engineers and clinical faculty and some 500 adjuncts, students and staff from the Pittsburgh area comprise the McGowan Institute, located at the Biotechnology Center on Technology Drive, with a laboratory building on East Carson Street, South Side. The institute serves as headquarters for faculty developing approaches to the repair or replacement of tissues and organs through the use of cells, genes or other biological building blocks, along with bioengineered materials and technologies. The institute currently attracts about $20 million in National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding. (See sidebar story.) The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) also is a big player in funding, Russell said, particularly for projects related to diseases caused by weapons of mass destruction. (source) (http://www.biosulf.org/1/pop15.htm#1)

Do you suppose that this serious interest in "regeneration of tissues and organs" can take place without studying the role of oxygen in the process of regeneration??

Is regeneration of organs a pipe dream? Do you need to be smoking something to think this is possible?

Kormos discovered a half-dozen examples of patients whose hearts regenerated enough to be taken off the organ donor waiting list.

"It's the same for liver injury. As long as you can provide liver function, the liver will regenerate; the lungs are the same way. Those are the two large organs we know can regenerate. So this overarching principle where we say, how can we use a device to functionally unload a damaged organ while it either recovers by itself or is triggered to recover through the application of cell therapy or tissue engineering, is a very exciting principle."

The next steps, Russell said, are to identify what it is about particular patients that make them more disposed to device-assisted regeneration and to learn to predict which patients are going to recover and which will need a transplanted organ. "Undoubtedly, the solution will be something about the nature of the disease itself, and probably, one would guess, it would be related to the patients' behavior once they're on the device." (source) (http://www.biosulf.org/1/pop15.htm#2)

Heart disease is the number one killer in the Western World. Yet, it is now accepted that cells in the heart are capable of regeneration -- being done ALL THE TIME EVEN NOW, even if not enough to prevent the death rate we all know about. If there were more oxygen in those cells, they could regenerate more easily and, who knows, this could be the prevention of heart disease.
Regeneration is well known in science and studied often in high schools:

A vertebrate retina is usually difficult to regenerate except at an embryonic stage in life. However, newts possess the ability to regenerate a functional retina from retinal pigment epithelial cells even as adults. We are investigating genes expressed during regeneration to understand the molecular mechanism of retinal regeneration. (source) (http://www.biosulf.org/1/pop32.htm)

The above images are of a newt, showing stages of regeneration.

From the same student-study source as the above newt research there is another involving what I would call "life" from non-living components:

We have many organs that consist of variety of cells. Cells have intracellular micro-organs that are further composed of proteins and other molecules. In each class, the function and alignments of the components are quite important for the function of the higher-order components. A CREST project "Protein module: From nano assembling to micro multiplication (project leader, Fumio Tokunaga)" has started from November 2002. In this project, we are attempting to construct artificial bio-organs, by making modules of the lower-order components. (source) (http://www.biosulf.org/1/pop32.htm)

There is no end of well-accepted scientific reference to regeneration of tissues and organs.

The adult mammalian myocardium has a robust intrinsic regenerative capacity because of the presence of cardiac stem cells (CSCs). (source) (http://www.biosulf.org/1/pop16.htm)

Even nerves are capable of regeneration and although oxygen is never mentioned as necessary, we are still dealing with a human body where life itself, as well as growth and regeneration require oxygen inside the cell.

Motor neurons are the only adult mammalian neurons of the central nervous system to regenerate following injury. This ability is dependent on the environment of the peripheral nerve and an intrinsic capacity of motor neurons for regrowth. (source) (http://www.biosulf.org/1/pop17.htm)

More difficult health problems:

My mother is here and sent to me via Dad due to the fact he can't handle her memory loss and confusion anymore. I'm the health nut...smile of the family and taking her in for 3 weeks. It's a struggle.

Ok, I did an experiment…

...a new woman!...She could have conversation, laugh, be alert, not exhausted, stopped yawning nonstop...the look of senile confusion left. Yes, some cognitive tasks still rough...the DMSO [raw material of Bio Sulf] wore off.... and then back to the fatigued, yawning and disorientated person...not remember a hoot...short term memory...goes!

So, I gave some more…

…she came alive...again...and could use the bathroom, dress her self, old conversation have energy....Oxygen must be getting to her brain!!!!!!!!!! Praise God.

She is only a beautiful...69...this blood clot ordeal happened...3 years ago.

Please help me.... am I right for thinking this...oxygen got thru to her brain! Will this continue to help her and even heal up the damage..mmm.

The dr. heard this story and wanted me to immediately put on a hyperbaric treatment program.
Then chelation...mouth is full of silver and gold teeth...(selectively excepted from HERE) (http://www.biosulf.org/1/pop8.htm)

Do you suppose that growth of a fetus into a baby, and growth of a baby into a child calls for a supply of oxygen in the cells which are growing -- more oxygen, possibly, than those same cells need when you are an adult and are not "growing new tissue and organs?"

Pub Med is a Government sponsored source for scientific publications on thousands of subjects. The excerpt below suggests that once you increase the amount of oxygen in the cells of the capillaries, they not only carry MORE oxygen into cells, but that this increase (from more and better capillary action can have effects on the body for months or even years -- likewise, once a "THRESHOLD" is reached on the way up, the body prospers for a long time after. BUT. BUT. It is the same on the way down -- once you get oxygen deprivation in the cells, in the capillaries, the body goes into a long health decline that is not easy to reverse. The conclusion -- keep the oxygen into the cells flowing at a high level for good health. The language is in the usual technical jargon, but this is the conclusion I get from this article:

The routine determination of the oxygen flux into body's tissues (= resting oxygen uptake) should gain more attention in practice, because its magnitude can be considered a kind of characteristic value for the energetic state of the entire organism. The determination of this value has deserved special interest since we discovered a "switch mechanism" of blood microcirculation, which depends on the oxygen state of the body. A high value of pO2 (greater than or equal to 50 mm of Hg) at the venous ends of the capillaries, attainable by the procedures of the Oxygen Multistep Therapy and by powerful physical exercise as well, results in an increase of the blood microcirculation and, consequently, in a permanent elevation of the oxygen influx and uptake, respectively.

This effect can persist for weeks, months or even years. If the oxygen state gets worse and declines below a certain threshold, e. g. in progressing age or after long-term distress, the cross sections of the capillaries shrink by swelling of the endothelial cells, and the blood microcirculation is diminished for an extended period of time. The utilization of the above-mentioned switch mechanism for permanent improvement of the oxygen flux into all the tissues of the organism is therefore of decisive importance for fighting against the common cause of many diseases, disorders and complaints going often along with increasing age due to insufficient oxygen (energy) supply for general metabolism. (source) (http://www.biosulf.org/1/pop27.htm)

I'll cover the word "matrix" in another Section, (http://www.biosulf.org/1/p6.htm) but consider the well-accepted concept of the DNA, the blueprint that governs the growth and structure of the body.

There is now evidence that what I will call a "matrix" can restore function to damaged tissues even though that matrix is NOT from the DNA of the person with the damaged tissues.

Could there be a primordial matrix that calls for sulfur to enable oxygen to be infused into cells that need it for regeneration? After all, how is birth of a planet much different from birth of a human, or regeneration of a stomach?

"Think about what part of your body gets damaged the most," Russell said. "It's the stomach that gets damaged constantly, and has to renew itself all the time. What Dr. Badylak did was take the premise that de-cellularized stomach material would retain its regenerative signals no matter where it's put. And he proved the premise, using the lining of a pig's stomach."

Badylak took stomach material, removed the cells, sterilized the material and demonstrated that the material induces wound healing in humans.

"There are now 160,000 human patients worldwide who have benefited from this, making it the most successful tissue engineering project in the world as measured by patient-user number," Russell said.(source) (http://www.biosulf.org/1/pop15.htm#3)

Man, being who he is, does not much expect "the public" to do this for themselves, but if you were considering regeneration of some of your own cells, tissues or organs, where would you start? Perhaps with what the hundreds of "regeneration scientists" are getting paid to research and are trying to "do it for you?"

Tissue engineering is about taking a cell and doing the 20 or 30 things you need to do to that cell before you put it into a human. (source) (http://www.biosulf.org/1/pop15.htm#4)

The most basic of any healing process would be the regeneration of damaged or non-functioning cells, tissues or organs. You can swallow some herb or take some drug or even let the surgeon with the scalpel come close, but when you can feed sufficient oxygen to the cells, then let the DNA of the body restore the body to God's plan.

There can be more simple improvements than the startling regeneration above, easy to prove with this new Bio Sulf. Suggested by a friend:

Another example that is easily recognized by any reader is the need for oxygen in athletics. The athletes who can better process the body's need for oxygen can run longer, etc.

As we age we can no longer compete with the young studs that can process oxygen more efficiently. This then begs for some simple trials. Running would be an easy venue to conduct a study. Can someone cut down his time? I know a long distance runner who I could probably get to participate in such a trial. But we'd probably need a formal study with a quantity of participants, too. If we can show it increases STAMINA in athletics then we'd probably have a greater immediate impact than if we regenerated a lung!

I am also reminded of earlier articles you wrote about MSM being both a "carrier and penetrant". So the transport of oxygen may indeed be the key factor but it would still be a carrier for all the other nutrients the cells need, too. So a person taking Bio Sulf, coupled with a good nutritional program, would probably progress even better than a person on a poor diet. A case in point would be a fetus, whose capacity for oxygen intake or uptake is probably the best it can be, but would still have problems if the mother used drugs and ate poorly. But if that same mother were to revert from taking drugs and go on a healthy diet the fetus would probably regenerate quite well. The assumption is that Bio Sulf would facilitate all the processes for generation and regeneration of cells and tissues.

Karl Comment: While BioSulf will facilitate the transport of oxygen across the cell membrane and will certainly act as both a penetrant and a carrier, and carries other substances through the skin, it would still need to be shown that it could carry something OTHER THAN oxygen into a cell. However this is all refreshingly fascinating.

Bio Sulf is a world - wide revolution in the making.
Artice Source: http://www.articlesphere.com

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