What Causes Alcohol Poisoning

 By: Tauqeer Hassan
You have often seen people drink heavily in pubs, hotels, and night clubs, bars or any other such places. They drink to the point where there remain no need to consume any other food as they fully boozed out. In that case the alcohol or liquor comes in reaction with the acidic matters present in the stomach area and cause poisoning. This is called the alcohol poisoning in general.

This is often called as the alcohol dependant disease of the body as it is caused due to alcoholism. Yearning for more glasses of alcohol or having lost your control over it and still want to drink more and more alcohol with almost minor tolerance power gives you the clear picture of the alcohol and its hold on the whole functioning of the body at that time.

Many standardized communities assume alcohol poisoning as a chronic disease of the human body. Many things play role in causing alcohol poisoning from lifestyles to the inherited genes pattern. They get their way into the bloodstream and react accordingly.

Reasons and Causes of Alcohol Poisoning

The person affected from the alcohol poisoning might face: paralysis or apoplexy (due to swelling of the body) and incomplete insensibility. This is all because the toxic substance known as Ethanol or Ethyl Alcohol makes their way into the bloodstream and considerably raises the level of alcohol in the body.

In many cases the patients become disoriented, unconscious and unresponsive. Patients also feel difficulty in breathing. It is better to consult your physician immediately in any unpleasant situation because the alcohol poisoning can be extremely disastrous.

Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

One of the most common symptoms of the Alcohol poisoning is vomiting. It should not be taken casually as it can be a warning for some major problem. If not taken seriously, it can lead to poisoning of the respiratory center inside the brain that may cause death. There are certain rumors about overcoming the alcohol poisoning. Some of them directed you to consume black tea or coffee, take cold shower or sleep for longer period of time or take a long walk. But you cannot reply on them.

Nerves usually controls the actions and movements of different body organs including breathing, gag reflexes and much more. But the too much consumption of the alcohol depresses the nerves and makes it difficult for the nerves to perform their function well. Try as much as possible to keep your partner away from overdosing of alcohol.

Effects of Alcohol Poisoning

- Coma and Stupor with patient unable to be roused by someone else
- Hypothermia - paleness in the muscles and bones with skin coloring turning excessively bluish by nature
- Increased Heartbeats of the body
- Seizures
- Slower breathing process (fewer then eight breaths per minute)
- Unwanted and unnecessary Mental confusions
- Vomiting
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