What Causes Anxiety Attacks: Looking For Clues

 By: Mclean Dearth
Perhaps one of the most unpleasant things to experience would be a sudden overwhelming sense of fear or apprehension. This is known as a panic attack. The causes for this sensation can be extremely varied, so here we will simply point out a few common points of what causes anxiety attacks. For anyone who has been unlucky enough to experience this firsthand, it is certainly no laughing matter.

First of all, the symptoms of a panic attack are hard to pin down, but the main characteristics are discussed here. The victim may primarily feel faint, intensely sick to the stomach, and experience a feeling of intense fear or terror that is usually irrational and unrealistic. He or she may experience a numbing feeling in the arms, legs, feet and hands. There might be pains in his chest. This usually leads the victim to believe that he is having a heart attack. In many cases 911 is called out for a heart attack but the heart is functioning fine. The feeling of the heart "skipping" or "jumping" inside the chest is caused by improper breathing. Hyperventilation is the culprit behind this common symptom.

The attack itself often lasts for no more than thirty minutes, although sometimes they can last for hours if it is a more violent case. Most of the time a victim will be unable to sleep at night, being awakened with feelings of fear, harrowed breathing or "skipping" of the heartbeat. A sense of claustrophobia is common as well, although in reverse cases some people may want to abstain from leaving an enclosed space.

There is a variety of reasons for the onset of a panic attack. Oftentimes the case is misdiagnosed or the problem is never dealt with, hence leading to another attack in the future. Sometimes a person's biological makeup is the reason for this condition. Just as a chemical imbalance in the human body can lead to bipolar disorder, the same can be said of the feeling of panic striking. People like this are often put on medication that is supposed to deal with their problem.

Being under a level of high stress can also cause panicky symptoms. A difficult work environment or an unhappy family life can lead to abrupt emotional highs and lows, paving the way for an attack. Abuse or fear of one person, object or place can also set off another bout. Another factor that should be considered is medication. Prescription drugs have been known to cause not only physical, but mental side-effects as well, including hallucinations and synthetically induced emotions that can include fear and apprehension.

Traumatic situations can cause anxiety attacks. Being involved in a car accident, shooting or witnessing something extremely harrowing can cause panic to strike long after the fact, sometimes known as "aftershock." Soldiers that are returning home from a war zone often experience PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which harbors many similar symptoms.

A doctor should be commissioned to handle a victim of this condition. Sometimes people live for many years without realizing that they are actually suffering from panicked symptoms, and they will continue to get worse. The longer a person waits to get help, the longer it takes to recover. It is recommended that the recovering victim be placed in an environment that is primarily positive in tone until they get better. Also, small as it may seem, deep breathing has a huge part of inducing a calming effect on someone who is under the influence of heavy fear.

Now that you understand what causes anxiety attacks the most important thing to remember is to continue educating yourself about this condition. The more you understand about these attacks the more power you will have to stop them.
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