What Causes Psoriasis In Children?

 By: Cyril Wee
Have you ever wondered what causes psoriasis? Most of the researchers feel it is the malfunctioning immune system that is responsible for psoriasis but studies have shown that genetics and environmental reasons also contribute to the occurrence of psoriasis. There has been a lot of study on what causes psoriasis and some interesting facts came up. Though there are certain reasons that are common to most variants of psoriasis there are few uncommon reasons like hormonal misbalance that lead to rare variants of psoriasis. Also there are certain reasons that lead to the spread of psoriasis and it will be beneficial for you to know all about it.

Psoriasis in children

So what causes psoriasis in children? You need to understand the genetic component plays a very important role in psoriasis. Individuals receive a combination of several genes that lead to psoriasis. The individual will need to be exposed to certain situations that cause psoriasis. It has been seen if one parent has psoriasis about 10% of the kids are affected with it and if both the parents have psoriasis almost 50% of the children are affected by it. Therefore it is believed children inherit genes that are predisposed to psoriasis. So gene is what causes psoriasis in children more often than not.

The research on what causes psoriasis in children came up with another interesting fact. It has been noticed that most of the kids experience the onset of psoriasis after any kind of infection, especially throat infection. About one third of the children experience psoriasis flare- ups after strep throat, respiratory infection, tonsillitis, earache and bronchitis. Koebner phenomenon is also listed under what causes psoriasis in children. This phenomenon suggests children can experience flare-ups in parts of the skin that has been traumatized and injured. This however does not mean that psoriasis flare-ups will occur at every site of injury.

Psoriasis of the scalp

What causes psoriasis of the scalp? This is a very important question as a whole lot of people are affected by red flaky patches on their scalp. However when it comes to what causes psoriasis in the scalp the doctors are not sure. Most of the doctors do believe there are genetic reasons behind it. Psoriasis is a result of a weak immune system resulting in overactive T-cells. This leads the skin cells to swell and then subsequently turn over. This is what results in psoriasis of the scalp. Changes in weather and infection worsen the situation.

Spread of psoriasis

A lot of research has gone into what causes psoriasis to spread. It has been found there are several triggers that will make your psoriasis to worsen. Stress is listed quite high on the list of what causes psoriasis to spread. If you are addicted to smoking and alcohol you may experience pronounced symptoms of psoriasis. Cold weather and sunburn can also aggravate the spread of psoriasis. Minor skin injuries like nicks and cuts can also be responsible for the spread of psoriasis. Viral infection and insect bite can fasten the spread of this skin disorder.
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Psoriasis is a non-infectious and a chronic inflammatory disease of skin. The appearance of red well-defined plaques with a silvery scale is considered as a classic symptom of this disease. The extensor surface of the body and scalp are the most common areas where these plaques can be found, indicative of the occurrence of psoriasis. There are two groups of this disease, depending upon the age group affected. Most patients choose natural treatment for psoriasis like Ayurvedic medicine as these natural remedies have given the best results.
Psoriasis is one of the worst skin rashes that one can have. Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease that will cause the skin to thicken and redden, making flaky patches commonly known as skin scales. This is brought about by an accelerated growth of skin cells that rise up to the epidermis, the upper layer of the skin. Under common conditions, skin cells grow deep within the skin and normally rise to the surface about once a month. This rapid expansion in skin cell growth is brought about by the body's immune system emitting faulty signals that double their growth to two weeks as opposed to the healthy rate of four weeks.
Salts is also unique. The salt in ordinary sea water is sodium chloride, or common salt. The Dead Sea, on the other hand, contains a smaller proportion of sodium chloride, with the balance consisting of magnesium, potassium and calcium chlorides and a comparatively high concentration of bromides. Researchers believe that the therapeutic properties of the Dead Sea are due to the presence of these other salts, mainly those of magnesium, potassium and bromide. Millions of Americans suffer from the symptoms of psoriasis.

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