What To Consider In Choosing a Conference Room Hire

 By: Kathryn Dawson
For many reasons looking for a conference room hire, a boardroom hire or lecture theatres is considered to be a more practical choice nowadays than having your own conference rooms in-house. In these turbulent financial times, it can be quite costly to keep a meeting or conference room up to date as technology never really comes cheap. It also saves you the added expense of having to maintain the furniture and equipment in good condition. Plus, a few advantages of hiring an outside venue for such events are an added sense of privacy and confidentiality to the meeting since you will not be too accessible to phone calls and messages and can be also a convenience to a client who does not need to travel too far to meet you.

Now looking for conference rooms and venues for meetings may be an easy task but booking the right venue for all the right reasons is another matter. There are a number of factors that need to be considered.

For one, consider how many attendees you plan to invite. The venue you should be looking for should be able to comfortably seat the number of people in attendance. For larger groups of people, lecture theatres are a good choice. Smaller events can be held in a boardroom or conference room easily.

Consider how you want to hold the meeting. This means considering the seating arrangement. For instance important boardroom meetings need to be held in a more intimate space where the people in attendance do not have to exert a lot of effort to address someone else from across the room. In the same manner, if you want all eyes and ears solely on the speakers, then it is best to hire a lecture theatre to encourage and divert the focus and attention on the speakers alone. If you wish to have an entirely different seating arrangement for a unique purpose, it will be best to ask if the seats can be rearranged to your liking.

Next in order is the equipment you will be required to use at the event. This can range from a slide or film projector, overhead projector, projection stands, projector remote controls, screens, various video equipment, teleconferencing equipment, webinars, microphones, computers and computer equipment, laser pointers, slide trays, lighting and loudspeakers. No matter what kind of equipment you need, make sure that the venue can accommodate and provide them after all, this is the reason you are hiring the venue for. Most conference venues are fully equipped and there is a very unlikely chance that they do not have what you need. Remember to book these equipment weeks in advance as you do not want to be caught in a tricky situation where you cannot have what you need simply because it was booked earlier than you. Also be particular in on how you want the equipment set-up. This can be handled by the venue staff ahead of time.

Lastly, consider the whole package. This should include the use of the venue, the use of the equipment and a few other extras. These can come in the form of complimentary coffee or tea, complimentary sweets, treats or sandwiches, pens and pads of paper and stationery kits. Food and beverage are usually included in the package especially if you book for a number of days so it is essential to go over the menu for all meals. You will usually have a set of menus to choose from. If you want something else, you can always ask if there is a possibility to change this particular viand to another one that you think would be appreciated by guests better.

Now remember, have everything you agree upon written down. Verbal agreements are not etched in ink so ask for a contract and review them meticulously before booking the conference room hire, lecture theatres or boardroom hire of choice. Ensure that everything on the contract is in agreement to what you have agreed on beforehand because just like any other contract, once you have signed it, you no longer can make revisions to it. Other essentials should also be included in the contract such as the cost of exceeding the headcount or the cost of exceeding the time period you have booked the venue. It is always best to be thorough than sorry.
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