What You Must Prepare During A Pandemic Bird Flu?

 By: Ito Nakamura
In the past, many countries are caught unprepared during a disease strike, resulting in many deaths and adverse effect on daily life. Today however, we can prepare for a pandemic disease, such as bird flu. These viruses generally spread from person to person when a sick person/animal sneezes or cough.

It's impossible to tell when it will happen and where. However health experts are gravely concern due to the winter season. Winter season typically is a flu-prone season where the dreadful disease can easily spread around the globe through migratory birds and glode trotting travelers.

Health experts recommend that you follow these recommendations, so that you will be prepared should the Pandemic Bird flu strike.

Maintain Good Hygiene
It is crucial to plan ahead when preparing for pandemic bird flu, particularly in term of personal hygiene, food and drinks, non-food articles and medications.

1. Get regular flu shots.
2. Read and understand the recommendations issued by your country's health authorities.
3. Regularly check on Health News on the Internet.
4. Stock up some mask at home just in case. Get mask with the denomination FFP3, HEPA, or N95.

Stock up sufficient Food
Be prepare to buy durable food in quantities large enough to bridge about 4 weeks and store it in a secure rodent-controlled, cool, dark place. Please keep the shelf-life of your stock under control and replace accordingly. Make sure to stock up plenty of drinkable water too.

A general stock list per person can be as follows:
- 1~2 kg sugar
- 1~2 l/kg oil or margarine
- 1~2 kg rice/pasta
- 1~2 kg flour
- 6 liters of mineral water
- canned vegetables, fruits, etc
- dried vegetables, dried starches containing nutrients
- Cereals, biscuits, breads, chocolate
- spreads, jams, honey, syrup
- Soups in cans or ready made bouillon in cubes or cans
- Salt, pepper, dried herbs
- dried yeast
- Soft drinks/water, tea or coffee
- Dried milk, UHT milk, canned milk
- Pet food (if applicable)

Personal Care items
- soap(liquid and bar)
- shower/bath gels
- toothbrushes and toothpaste

Medications Stock Supply
The following items apply to both adults and children over 14, and are for four people:
- Ibuprofen 400mg, tablets or capsules; 30pcs
- Acetylsalicylic Acid 500mg, sachets:50pcs
- Acetaminophen 500mg; 1 box per person
- Sore throat lozenges; 1 box per person
- Nasal spray(xylometazoline or similar); 1 bottle per person
- Mouth rinse (containing Chlorhexidine); 1~2 bottles
- Hand disinfectant; 250ml (alcohol containing brand)
- Antibiotic ointment (eg: PVP-iodine containing brand); 1 tube
- Band-aids, gauze pads, skin disinfectant and 1~2 elastic bandages.

For Children below 14
- Ibuprofen syrup or acetaminophen syrup/chewing tablets: 1 pack per child; dose by mg/kg bodyweight as prescribed by doctor.

Maintain good hygiene, knowledge, readiness, adequate preparation is the best protection in case a flu pandemic did strike.
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