Why Dental Implants Are A Genuine Solution To Tooth Pain And Sensitivity

 By: Kate Dawson
Tooth pain can be so extreme as to leave us unable to function. It is one of the worst feelings for any of us, and a trip to the dentists is the only logical step to take. For the most part, the cure for such discomfort is simple, but when damage to the troublesome tooth is severe, getting a dental implant can be the best course of action.

When it comes to dental implants, UK dentists are not likely to recommend them without sound reason. However, they are neither as expensive nor involve as major a procedure as many are led to believe. Implants are also very, very effective.

It is worth noting that having sensitive teeth is not quite the same thing. That condition can be caused by a range of factors, from cracked enamel and common tooth decay to the consumption of acidic liquids and even over brushing. These can be treated effectively by other means, including changing ones diet to reduce acidic foods, like orange juice for example, or by switching to desensitising toothpaste.

However, if the sensitivity is not caused by outside influences, but instead from within a decaying tooth that affects the nerves in the tooth pulp, then the tooth may need to be removed. And in such cases, the removed tooth should be replaced by an implant.

There are several very good reasons why this should be done. Firstly, an implant protects the other teeth by plugging the gap that effectively leaves them vulnerable. The gap can accommodate pieces of food which can, over time, cause infection or contribute to further attack to the neighbouring teeth. This only means that ones oral health deteriorates further.

Secondly, with a space in the line of teeth, the supporting bone and gum can begin to shrink. It is possible that the neighbouring teeth will begin to grow crookedly, ruining the alignment of the teeth, loosening the gum and causing further pain, particularly when eating. However, having an implant inserted, leaves no space for the other teeth to lean into and so keeps the dental alignment intact.

Thirdly, the need to maintain oral health is essential and the insertion of an implant allows that to be achieved. Taking care of the implant is no different than taking care of any normal tooth, as it requires simply regular brushing, flossing and taking care to avoid too much sugar and acidic foods. Therefore, there is no reason why an implant cannot contribute to a perfectly healthy set of teeth.

Fourthly, the fact that a decaying tooth has been removed and the resulting gap has been filled, means that many of the foods that one could not eat can be enjoyed again. This is particularly because of the levels of discomfort when eating hard foods was too high. However, because implants are solidly secured to the jaw bone, the security of the tooth means that the same pain is no longer there.

There may be some discomfort for a while initially, while the gum is healing and the implant settles properly into the jaw, but that will pass soon enough. Once the initial period of care is over, everything from crunchy french bread to toffees and crisp apples can be eaten with no fear of suffering pain.

Finally, the principal joy of having dental implants is that a smile can be made perfect. For many people appearance is very important, and they can have a certain insecurity when smiling if they have a very obvious gap in the teeth. But this embarrassment can be avoided by having an implant complete the line of brilliant, pearly white teeth.

The sheer range of causes of pain means that a dentist has plenty to consider when deciding on the best course of action. Most of the options, whether simply inserting a filling or advising a change of toothpaste, can be done quickly and can have an almost immediate affect, helping to alleviate sensitive teeth.

If the condition needs to be solved through the use of dental implants UK consumers can expect a permanent solution to their problem, bringing them comfort and confidence again, and allowing them means to enjoy the foods that pain had forced them to sacrifice.
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