Why Women Like Pink?

 By: Trevor Mayes
The Colour of Pink

Pink is a Fake!
Because it does not appear on the colour spectrum! The word pink was first used to describe colour in the 1600's to name the light red flowers in the dianthus family as 'pinks' a close relative of carnations. However, light red is not pink as pink has a bit less green in the colour mix, pink is a fake or more commonly called a combined colour incorporating two different wavelengths of light from the colour spectrum that the receptor cones in our eyes perceive as one colour.

The ability of our eyes to do this is based upon the retina having three types of colour receptor cells, or cones. The first type, relatively distinct from the other two, is most responsive to light that we perceive as violet. Cones of this type are called short-wavelength cones, S cones. The other two types are closely related genetically and chemically. One of them called long-wavelength cones, L cones, is most sensitive to light we perceive as yellowish-green; the last type called middle-wavelength cones, M cones, is most sensitive to light perceived as green.

We See Colours the Same as Televisions and Computers
Put simply we perceive colour in the same way as televisions and computers as a mix of Red Green and Blue or what is commonly referred to as RGB, where the green replaces yellow as a primary colour. Regarding computers there is another format known as CMYK which is made up of cyan magenta yellow plus black which is used for printing as the use of black is more economical than mixing other colours.

Pink resonates near the base and at the higher heart chakra. Aspects of the base or root chakra are well known so I will not go into detail. What is less well known is the turquoise higher heart chakra which is located at the thymus between the heart and throat chakra which is about communication, therefore, turquoise is a bridging colour enabling communication with the heart and combining blue and green is sometimes referred to as the master healer.

We can see that combining turquoise higher heart issues together with the sexual aspects of the base chakra explains why pink is associated with sexual issues and not sex per see. It is to help resolve heart ache and maintain a sense of balance and to do this things can go up and as down to create an equilibrium. Going back to our RGB values while any combination of two different wavelengths can be used to add to the value of pink they need to be split to create colours that resonate at the respective higher heart and base chakra's.

'Solarizing' Splits Pink Into Two Colours - Red Orange and Turquoise
Earlier this year I designed a web site on the use of healing gemstones to balance the chakra's which I learned as part of the diploma course. Having acquired a nice rose quartz point and some double terminated clear crystals I took a picture part of which you can see on the left and just shows the rose quartz point. Rose quartz is near enough a tint as equal amounts of green and blue have been added to make it whiter.

The picture was a bit dark so I put it through Photoshop and improved the highlights. I then 'solarized' the picture using a filter that combines a positive and a negative image. The word solarized clearly suggests that this process involves colours being split into those of the colour spectrum of natural sunlight. The result was that Photoshop split the pink into two wavelengths of light which were turquoise and red orange and in my opinion as I cannot say this is a scientific fact shows these are the colour wavelengths that are being emitted when a rose quartz crystal point is being used. The colours may not be exactly true to specific colour values as there are so many variables involved but its close enough to count and be effective.

The Calming Effect of Pink Does Not Last!
Folk-lore has it that pink in prison cells has a calming influence on aggressive personalities and in the short term it does as the turquoise has an immediate effect, however, after a short while the base instincts of red/orange seem to take over and they become more agitated and sexually frustrated than before. So perhaps pink for a calming effect is only is for short periods of time, while a tint or rose pink and the cooling and calming effect of turquoise are best for long term use.

The Pink Personality

Keywords associated with Pink are:
Peace, love, feminine, nurture, understanding, sympathy, friendship, compassion, relaxation, gentle emotions, overcoming evil,honour, morality, friendship and success.

Personality characteristics are:
People who love the colour pink either seek or already enjoy a peaceful state of grace or bliss. Pink people are very intelligent and contemplative, they study, analyse the best way to go about something before they take action. They may appear slow as a result, but are merely methodical in their thoughts and hard working. These people try to see and bring out the best in others, truly loving everyone.

Sometimes overly optimistic, these people tend to look younger than their years and view the world in such a positive light it can be dazzling. Shy, they would like to be more active but fear precipitous action, choosing not to make mistakes because they do not wish to be judged unfairly by others. Humour is a tool pink people use to make others happy or to defuse situations although they may not be ribald, instead possessing a dry wit.

They have an affectionate, loving nature, which makes you sympathetic and understanding. Harmonises and balances the polarity of red and white or the male / female aspects of the personality, a sort of gender yin and yang. Both expressive and receptive pink puts you in touch with your sexual feelings and sexuality.

Negative characteristics are:
Pink people can overly optimistic or smile constantly which can sometimes irk others when this is inappropriate and are sometimes called a 'pollyanna'. Pink personalities can be immature, needy, emotionally unstable, cold and isolating. Pink shows a lack willpower and weakness when it comes to controlling affairs of the heart. You need a great deal of support from others and can be a bit immature. Pink is about learning to accept and love yourself for which a tint might be more appropriate. Not for the faint hearted, to wear pink you must be self-reliant to attract and give out the feelings of warmth and love you desire.

Health and Emotional Issues Associated With Pink
There is a danger of being too emotionally dependant. Pink is a very gentle healer for heartache, but healing will not happen without an emotional release.

As pink is the colour of compassion it generates feelings of softness, gentleness, kindness, affection and love. It is the colour of 'Manifestation' and transmutes desire into its physical equivalents. It's subtle and refined vibration increases blood flow to the brain and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. Physical symptoms of blocked Pink energy are:

Pineal Gland Dysfunction
High Blood Pressure
Nervous Breakdown
Disorders of the Sympathetic Nervous System
Chronic Tiredness
Memory Lapses

Colour, Shades and Tints
With any colour the effect of a shade which has black added or a tint which has white added to the colour should be taken into account as shades tend to bring out the more negative aspects of the colour or can create intense feelings, whereas tints with the addition of white have a gentle effect on the process.

Shade of Pink
To balance love for others and yourself. To be able to forgive and love others you must love, forgive and accept yourself first.

Colour of Pink
Pink harmonises and balances the polarity of red and white or the male / female aspects of the personality, a sort of gender yin and yang. Both expressive and receptive pink puts you in touch with your sexual feelings and sexuality.

Pink is a very gentle healer for heartache, but healing will not happen without an emotional release. Visualising pink can defuse and bring calm to difficult situations. Pink helps us to learn that we must love and forgive ourselves, before we can do the same with others.

Tint of Pink
For issues of self love, self esteem, self worth, and self tolerance.

Pink gemstones
Diamond, Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Pink Smithsonite, Pink Topaz, Pink Coral, Pink Danburite, Kunzite, Pink Calcite, Pink Sapphire, Strawberry Quartz, Rhodonite, Rhodocrosite.

The Short Answer Is
Women like pink because the red arouses base sexual instincts and the orange stimulates the internal sexual organs while the turquoise stimulates the higher heart chakra to trigger the emotions, so its not just a need for sex but a need for sex with love and passion is the appeal. But we knew that anyway!

(c) Trevor Mayes 2007
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