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Hypoglycemia is a diabetic condition induced as a result of low blood sugar level in human body. Prolonged fasting, less carbohydrate concentration in food intake are some of the main causes behind hypoglycemia. This silent killer is unpredictable and can happen at any time even during our sleeping hours. If not seriously taken and untreated, hypoglycemia may lead to death of patient. Signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia vary depending upon the diabetic condition of patient. Some diabetic patients feel shakiness, weakness and dizziness due to hypoglycemia. It may induce nervousness and faintness among some other patients. Often hunger is another sign shown for hypoglycemia.
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Gestational diabetes is a common diabetic condition occurring among pregnant women. Gestational diabetes, if not controlled properly may affect both mother and child in later stages of their life. Maintaining a planned diet helps in reducing the risk of gestational diabetes. High diabetic condition causes severe problems during pregnancy time. Let's see the causes and preferable diet for gestational diabetes. Over consumption of foods rich in carbohydrate concentration is considered as the main reason behind gestational diabetes. Potatoes, rice, fruits, sugar candies, beverages like tea, wine, dairy products like ice creams and fruit salads are some of the food items rich in sugar concentration.
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Diabetes is a chronic disease which can be well controlled by maintaining a balanced diabetic diet. Inclusion of fruits in diet plays a vital role in leading a healthy lifestyle. Which all are the favourable fruits for diabetic patients? What is the amount of sugar concentration in them? How will the intake of fruits in diet affect a diabetic patient's life? These all are the frequently asked questions by a diabetic patient. Now let's find answers for these commonly asked questions. As per the studies made on diabetic patients, health practitioners prefer including more amount of fibre rich fruits in their diet. These fruits with low sugar concentration helps in controlling blood sugar level to a maximum extend.
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Diabetes affects every patient differently, for some it is life threatening, for others the loss of limbs is possible. For those recently diagnosed with diabetes, please know that you can control your disease by following the advice of your doctor or physician, losing weight, changing your diet and taking your medication. The first step of controlling your diabetes is moving beyond the 'denial stage'. For some, believing they have diabetes is a hurdle, even though it has become a national epidemic. A person who is overweight and eats lots of sweets isn't necessarily a potential diabetic. Diabetes can strike any person, and some indications state that it can be an inherited disorder.
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Positive Attitude plays a very important role in our lives, and especially when we are nowadays living in modern era of stressful environments. These days we need to make ourselves fully accomplished with more positive energy, and thinking so as to face the tensions en comes out as a winner in the troubled world.
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For diabetics, higher blood glucose (sugar) or hyperglycemia is a serious health issue. When an excessive amount of sugar begins to circulate in blood plasma, hyperglycemia develops. Mostly two types of hyperglycemia develop in diabetic patients: Fasting hyperglycemia and After-meal or Postprandial Hyperglycemia.
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No disease can be cure properly unless or until you have a fair knowledge about that disease. You need to know enough about the disease to have a proper care and treatment. One must know the do and do not of a disease in order to fight against it effectively.
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Most of the diabetics like to participate or join diabetes support groups or diabetes organization. Having a beforehand knowledge about your disease will be a plus point for you in that case. You can fully participate and share your views with the other members of the groups quite easily. Being a diabetic, it is not difficult to collect information regarding your disease, you learn how to control your diabetes, read many brochures and pamphlets and your physicians too provide you with enough information on this topic, which you can share with others.
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Diabetes in children is a common disease. One has to keep in mind that diabetic child's nutritional needs are same as those of other children of their age who do not have diabetes. Proper meal planning should be done and also the diet should be revised so as to keep the child's growth in mind. In general one should keep in mind a child of average weight needs about 1000 calories a day at age one, with additional 100 calories a day added each year.
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The great majority of diabetes sufferers are affected by type 2 diabetes. This usually occurs in adulthood and it is also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes. People who are overweight, who have a sedentary lifestyle or who have had diabetes in the family are running high chances of developing the disease. Type 2 diabetes evolves progressively, leading to serious complication in time. If ignored or mistreated, diabetes can cause heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and amputation of limbs.
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