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Diabetes is a scary disease, and will lead you to change your entire lifestyle. To treat it, you can resort to conventional medication and alternative remedies. This article emphasizes on the effectiveness of herbal remedies and supplements in lowering blood sugar levels. We are diagnosed to have diabetes, when our body doesn't produce enough insulin, an hormone secreted by the pancreas, to properly use glucose, a simple form of sugar.
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It is said that herbs have been used as a curative means since 1500 BC. This gift of nature has been scientifically proven over and over again to be reliable in either preventing diabetes or in keeping same under control for those who already have it. Diabetes herbal remedies in addition with controlled diabetes diet offer the choice treatment for diabetes. Gymnema sylvestre and fenugreek seeds that contain hypoglycemic agents are two good examples of these herbs.
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Diabetes mellitus is a very common chronic disorder which affects almost 7 per cent of the population of US. Usually the diabetic patients have an increased chance of cardiovascular problem which is combined with the complications of microvascular disease that is translated into more surgical intervention. Diabetes is a chronic disease with no cure. It is related with an impaired glucose cycle, altering metabolism. This disease can be managed by carefully managing diet, exercising, taking oral diabetes medication, using some form of insulin, and maintaining proper circulation in extremities. This problem may be further complicated by the different external factors like stress, menses, illness, injection site scarring and other physiological factors.
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Diabetes is a disease which cannot be cured and it is a serious and lifelong disease. We cannot cure it completely but if the level of blood sugar is controlled completely then complications of this disease can be prevented or delayed. Diabetes is a disease which prevents our body from properly converting foods into the energy which is required for our daily activity. When we eat something our body changes most of the food into a form of the sugar called glucose.
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Diabetes is related with a disorder of metabolism the way your bodies use digested food for development and energy. Especially in the United States it is the most leading causes of death and disability. This problem is also related with long term complications by which almost every part of the body gets affected. Diabetes is a chronic and gradually progressive ailment which has an impact upon almost every part of life. When our body can't use glucose properly then it results into the condition of diabetes.
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Diabetic Coma is a medical emergency condition. The person who suffers from diabetes mellitus is comatose. It means the person is in unconscious state. It is describing one of the acute complications of diabetes. Based on medical context, the term diabetic coma relates to the diagnostical dilemma posed while a physician is confronting with an unconscious patient. Noting can add about the unconsciousness except the patient has diabetes. Therefore, a state of unconsciousness leads a person to a risk prone condition of brain damage or death; it happens due to severe constant fluctuations in the sugar levels. This unconscious state is known as diabetic coma.
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Gestational Diabetes is a condition of high blood glucose level during pregnancy. The hormonal changes cause the Gestational Diabetes. The Placenta is the organ that connects baby by the umbilical cord to the uterus and transfers nutrients from mother to the baby. Excessive produced hormones are made in the Placenta. The placenta lets insulin mange the glucose, and this process is under the banner of insulin resistance. During pregnancy, placenta becomes larger; and produces more hormones and intensifies insulin resistance.
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High Blood Sugar (glucose) occurs when blood composes much sugar. High Blood Sugar is also known as hyperglycemia. People who suffer from diabetes possess two specific types of high blood sugar or hyperglycemia. The people who keep fasting for eight hours experience the high blood sugar level. It crosses over 130 mg/dl, and it usually happens after fasting. This is known as fasting hyperglycemia. When blood sugar crosses over 180 mg/dl, this condition is known as postprandial or after-meal hyperglycemia.
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The common type of hypoglycemia is the functional low blood glucose. Person suffering from hypoglycemia or low blood sugar need a good diet and nutrition program. The nervous system is very sensitive to change in blood sugar. It is appeared that hypoglycemia possesses some specific common symptoms, including nervousness, irritability, exhaustion, and headaches.
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Diabetic is a chronic disease causing health complications. The complications are tingling and numbness appearing in feet and hands. These also include vision problems and kidney failure. Diabetes is a risk prone towards heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes. To control high glucose level, people with diabetes fail to produce sufficient insulin or no insulin. Type 1 diabetes is based on genetics and type 2 is on diet and fatness. People with type 1 diabetes face difficulties to prevent, people with type 2 try to manage by dieting and exercising.
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