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Expert Author:
Glaucoma is related with a disease of optic nerve. If it is left untreated then it can progress to loss of central vision and person may suffer from complete blindness. Read this article to find information on the causes, symptoms and natural remedies for treating glaucoma.
Expert Author:
Gallstones are the stones which occur and form in the gall (bile). Initially people having gallstones are not aware of their problem as they don't face with any problem or symptoms. Majority of people in the initial stages are unaware of their gallstones as the gallstones are "silent". But when they undergo any type of tests due to some other reasons like x-ray, ultrasound, examination of abdomen then they become aware of their problem of gall stones.
Expert Author:
An eye infection is caused by the attack of different types of ailments. Irritation of the eyes may be due to many reasons but there are some common reasons like infection due to bacteria, viral or foreign object. People putting on contact lenses are more prone to infection of eye due to the presence of bacteria.
Expert Author:
For those of you out there who have issues in trying to prevent sweating and sweat excessively, you may have a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis can hinder the lives of those who suffer from it. It can oftentimes make social situations more embarrassing, as people with this condition tend to sweat so much that their underarms may become soaked (which shows right through a shirt, especially dark colors).
Expert Author:
Have you been looking for a way to stop underarm sweating? While sweating is natural to our bodies, excessive sweating when not required is not. This condition, also known as hyperhidrosis, plagues millions of people in the world. And, it also makes the lives miserable of those who suffer from it. Excessive underarm sweating can cause many problems, especially when you're out in the social world. It can often be embarrassing to be out in public with underarms that are soaking wet and clearly noticeable. It can also cause body odor and stain clothing, both of which can be unpleasant to deal with.
Expert Author:
Hypothyroidism results due to the under performance of the thyroid gland resulting in the reduced production of the hormone Thyroxin. Thyroxin is responsible for the various metabolic activities and the under production of this hormone results in several discomforts of the body. Most people remain in total darkness regarding the under performance of the thyroid gland.
Expert Author:
Hyperthyroidism is the condition of the body that results due to the over activity of the thyroid gland. Hyper activity of the thyroid produces excess of thyroid hormones that affects the tissues of the body in many ways. This over production of the thyroid hormones leads in an increased metabolism of the body, just the opposite condition of the Hypothyroidism and is termed as Grave's Disease. People suffering from hyperthyroidism have an increased feeling of hotness and starts losing weight abruptly.
Expert Author:
When one feels like a brick is being tucked under his rib, this can be associated with liver pain. Even if the pain is not severe, it is best to go to a doctor for proper diagnosis. This way, he can rule out possibilities of liver tumors developing inside the body. For others, the pain is as if the liver doesn't fit under the rib cage. Sometimes the feeling is connected to some level of pain in the back. Thus, pain caused from developed liver tumors is actually not that sharp. In fact, most people who were diagnosed with these tumors thought the pain was just a dull ache.
Expert Author:
For people experiencing pain in the abdomen, especially if it's severe and recurrent, abdominal pain diagnosis should be taken in order to know the root of the main. It can be as simple as abdominal cramps or a mere bellyache but it can also be serious conditions like appendicitis and nephrotic syndrome among others.
Expert Author:
Albinism causes lack and loss of color in skin. Melanin in the body is responsible for giving shade to the skin and when it is not sufficient or missing, albinism is caused. It can even be caused in eyes and hair. Plants and animals can also have albinism. Albinism in plants is similar to humans. Albino plants are short of chlorophyll and without it, plants are unable to make food with the help of sun. This results in their short lives. It is unknown if albino humans have longer lives than normal ones.
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