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Expert Author:
People suffering from tonsil stones might be susceptible to infection of the gums, throat or mouth. Bad breath and tonsil stones are directly proportional to each other that when there is an infection in any part of the mouth, it might further aggravate the condition. Hence it is very important to treat the root cause of tonsil stones and other reasons related to bad breath or halitosis to get rid of bad breath and the ill feeling caused by it permanently.
Expert Author:
Tonsil stones are normal and common throat problem faced by many these days. Some may even not know that they are having the problem as they might not feel any sort of discomfort or exhibit symptoms. But for others it can be very annoying as it can cause bad breath and various other ill effects in them. Hence many wish to prevent themselves from getting tonsil stones.
Expert Author:
Many pregnant women who suffer from bad breadth might be due to tonsil stones. Since tonsilloliths and halitosis are provoked due to same elements they can be linked to each other. Nearly ninety percent of chronic bad breadth is found to be caused due to oral cavity bacterial imbalance. It is found that tonsil stones are also composed of fungus, mucus, dead cells, putrefied debris of food and bacteria. These bad odour producing elements can get accumulated inside tonsil crypts (pocket type cavity) where smell producing calcareous matters can be formed continuously.
Expert Author:
Post nasal drips or PNDs are nothing but excess of drainage coming from nose and which can also enter the back side of the throat. One of the symptoms of post nasal drip occurrence is the presence of tonsilloliths or tonsil stones and throat irritation. Post nasal drips along with tonsil stones are known to improve the tonsil stone size and frequency of tonsil stone occurrence.
Expert Author:
Having a sinus cyst is fairly common. They are present in as many as 10 percent of healthy individuals. Most of sinus cysts are benign. On rare occasions, the cyst may become infected. For some people with cysts, they might not feel any symptoms at all, while others may feel facial pain or difficulty in breathing. Additional symptoms are continuous nose drips, difficulty in breathing and a decline in your sense of smell.
Expert Author:
Tonsil stones are made up of the secretions of salivary glands that are overactive, oral bacteria and white blood cells. They most often occur in adults than in children. Once they are formed in children they should be taken to a doctor to find the best remedy to remove them. If the tonsil stones in children are not handled properly, they can lead to various infections and make the condition worse for them. It is better not to opt for the surgical solution for treating tonsil stones in children as tonsils play a great role in the immunity of their body.
Expert Author:
Even though tongue is one of the strongest organs in the body they too can affected by bumps or blisters on them. Bumps or blisters on tongue might be mainly caused due to injury, allergies, stomatitis, Kawasaki syndrome, scarlet fever, herpes, leukoplakia and oral thrush.
Expert Author:
Swollen glands are very common type of symptoms of tonsillitis or tonsil stones. Normally such types of conditions occur due to infections of various types and forms. Swollen glands can also be called as swollen lymph nodes or swollen tonsils. The lymph nodes are said to be the glands present in the body are responsible for playing a vital role in guarding the human body from various types of infections.
Expert Author:
Interstitial cystitis is related with the chronic urinary urgency and also the frequency with suprapubic discomfort is generally relieved by urinating. Read this article to find information about the causes, symptoms, herbal remedies and natural treatment for interstitial cystitis.
Expert Author:
Transient ischemic attack can be described as mini stroke or warning stroke that generates symptoms similar to that of stroke. Well unlike the symptoms of stroke which at times tend to continue even post the stroke, the Transient ischemic attack does not leave any permanent damage. Identifying the symptoms of TIA and starting the treatment in the initial stage can lower down the risk of a major stroke.
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