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Bad breath is generally caused by odor producing bacteria present in large quantities in the mouth, and the white film of plaque coated on our teeth. The most significant of all the bad breath home remedies is careful and proper cleaning of teeth, twice a day on a regular basis...
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Dry Mouth and post nasal drip are among the many causes of bad breath. A bad breath cure that is appropriate for your situation can be determined once you find out what caused your bad breath. Some bad breath cures include drinking eight glasses of water each day and replacing the fish, chicken, beef, etc. in your diet with vegetables and fruits.
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Bad breath causes awkward situations for individuals all the time. If you are one of those who attend many business meetings, have a large social network or there is somebody special in your life, the last thing you want to have to worry about is having bad breath. To get rid of bad breath, it is first necessary for us to take a look at some common bad breath causes...
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Bad Breath, also known as Halitosis (Halitosis is the medical term for 'bad breath') is an extremely restrictive condition, and it affects millions of people. It restricts people from leading a normal life. Have you ever shied away from a conversation because you knew you had bad breath ? Or have you ever cut a conversation short because the person you spoke to had bad breath ? There wouldn't be a person on the planet who hasn't. Bad breath is a social turn-off.
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Halitosis can come from many sources. It is important that a patient does see a dentist if he has bad breath to find the exact cause of the problem, and to eliminate possible oral sources. After that, if it is determined that the source of the odor is coming from the lungs or from the stomach, which is the most likely, then the patient will be referred to the appropriate specialist.
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This article provides insight into the treatment and causes of chronic halitosis. Please review this article and take the necessary steps required to insure good oral health. Recurring and ongoing bad breath is medically termed as chronic halitosis. This condition has a number of causes. Please be aware of your smelly breath, as it may be a sign of some other more systemic and potentially serious illness. Such as: uremia, liver failure, and diabetic ketoacidosis, rotting teeth or gum disease.
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Bad breath is a everyday health problem in the society. Offensive smell from the mouth may be due to distinct reasons.The main reason is the presence of anaerobic bacteria in the biofilm formed on the tongue .These bacteria degrades the proteins present in the food leading in the production of some offensive gases like hydrogen sulphide, skatol, etc.
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Halitosis or Bad breath is an embarrassing problem that is commonly seen in a number of people globally. It is a condition that can be treated effectively as long as the cause of the bad breath is addressed. It has been found that the causes range widely but 85-90 per cent of all the causes originate from the mouth itself.
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In the vast majority of all cases, disorders in taste and bad breath are caused by anaerobic bacteria, which produces sulfur and lives in your throat, below the tongue and in the tonsils, if you didn't have them removed. When the environment they live in changes in some way, these bacteria will react by releasing sulfur compounds, which taste bad and smell the same.
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Bad breath is generally caused by bacteria, which releases sulfur compounds, when certain changes are made to its environment. In most cases, these changes are caused by food. The fact that Garlic and Onion causes bad breath isn't news for anyone. But, do you know why they cause bad breath? It's because both garlic and onions have sulfur compounds.
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