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Did you ever try to see if you have bad breath? Well, you can't do that. It's actually impossible to see what kind of breath you have. Yes, even if you exhale the air and keep the hands close to the mouth and nose, you still can't smell your own breath.
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Here's a quick bad breath test for you. Cupping your hands over your mouth and breath, go ahead and give it a nice long exhale. Ready? Ok, take a big smell. How is it? If you find it bad, it is much worse to others as we are generally a little immune to our own odors.
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Needless to say, dry mouth is one of the main causes of bad breath. Try to smell your breath the moment your mouth goes dry. You are most likely to notice that your breath is turning from good to foul right then. Dry mouth is a medical condition also known as xerostomia. It can strike as a mild disease or as a very severe one. And the most common consequences of this condition are gum diseases, tooth decay, and halitosis.
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Bad breath is a common health problem which greatly affects the day to day activities of so many people. The offensive odor from the mouth is unpleasant to those who come in close contact with bad breathers. The problem will be doubled by psychological trauma leading to depression. The sufferers from this problem will be isolated from the society. This can even lead to marital disharmony.
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Bad breath is a common health problem in the society. Offensive smell from the mouth may be due to various reasons. The main reason is the presence of anaerobic bacteria in the biofilm formed on the tongue. These bacteria degrades the proteins present in the food resulting in the production of some offensive gases like hydrogen sulphide, skatol.
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Dealing with bad breath could be a frustrating experience. If it were on you, there surely are a lot of ways, methods, and cure available to you. But what if somebody else has it? And what if that person is so clueless about it? Can you tell him not to talk to you at all? Or would you leave the group because the speaker has bad breath? If you don't know how to deal with it, here are tips you can follow...
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You walk up to your colleague to talk to him about an important issue at work. As soon as he starts talking, you have to turn your head away due to the stench coming from his mouth. Bad breath is an embarrassing problem not just for the person suffering from it but also for the one who has to bear it. Often people find it difficult to bring it up to the person's notice. So, if someone complained to you about your breath, you probably have bad breath.
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Bad breath can prove to be a big turn-off for many people. The consequences of going through life with bad breath can prove to be a very devastating experience for many sufferers. With more than 90 people suffering from chronic bad breath, it is certainly not an issue to be dismissed lightly. Now, how do you get rid of bad breath effectively without breaking your bank to do it?
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Bad breath is breath that has a disagreeable odor. It's also called as halitosis. This odor can hit from time to time, otherwise it can be long-lasting, depending on the reasons. Millions of bacteria exist in the mouth, mainly on the back of the tongue. In a lot of people, they are the main causes of bad breath. The mouth's warm, moist situation is ideal for the increase of these bacteria. A large amount bad breath is caused by something in the mouth.
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Halitosis, oral malodor (scientific term) and , breath odor, foul breath, fetor oris, fetor ex ore, or most commonly bad breath are those terms used to describe noticeably unpleasant odors exhaled in breathing – whether the smell is a from an oral source or not. Halitosis has a major impact - personally and socially - on those who suffer from it or to believe they do (halitophobia), and is estimated to be the 3rd most common reason for seeking dental aid, following tooth decay and periodontal disease.
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