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Sinusitis is a medical condition referring to the inflammation of the sinuses. For a lot of possible reasons, including reactions to certain physical or chemical irritants, the sinuses swell. The inflammation disrupts the normal drainage of mucus in the sinuses to the nose. This accumulation of mucus becomes a very suitable ground for the multiplication of bacteria, thus progressing to an episode of sinus infection. It is also possible that a nasal infection by bacteria or virus can progress to invade the sinuses as well.
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Nasal infection and sinus infection affect over 30 million Americans annually. This is considered a common health condition in the United States. If you are a chronic sinusitis sufferer, you could be overwhelmed with the bombardment of nasal and sinus infection treatments in the market. You may find it difficult and confusing to choose the right treatment or medicine. This situation prolongs your suffering and wastes your precious time to live a healthy and active life.
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Sinus infection can affect people of all ages. Its main symptoms include nasal congestion and headache and most people want to find home remedies for sinus infection which will help them get rid of these symptoms and which also fight the infection. Vitamin C is very important for increasing the immunity. People with high immunity fight infections easier and are less likely to develop them in the first place. Citruses are very rich in vitamin C, so they are veritable immunity boosters and are very helpful in people who experience recurrent sinus infections.
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People who do nasal and sinus washing or irrigation are all praises for this technique. Because it's so effective, the idea of sinus irrigation has inspired the concept of medicated sinus irrigation. It is not unusual to have a sinus infection. In fact, millions of people worldwide go through the barely-life-threatening-nonetheless-uncomfortable experience of sinus pressure headaches, nasal congestion and post-nasal drips associated with sinus infections. Read on to learn more about these natural sinusitis relievers...
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In medical terms, the suffix "-itis" is used to denote inflammation of a certain area of the body. "Rhino-" on the other hand, refers to the nose. Rhinitis, therefore, refers to the condition in which there is inflammation of the nasal mucosa. Most people actually think that rhinitis is the same as nasal allergies, but no, not quite. Not all cases of rhinitis are allergic in nature.
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The condition known as sinusitis refers to the inflammation of the sinuses. Humans have 4 pairs of these air-filled cavities. Under normal circumstances, mucus produced within these cavities drain out of the nose through openings called sinus ostia. However, because of inflammation and/or infection, the linings of the sinus cavities swell, constricting the sinus passages and blocking the ostia.
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Almost all people suffer from the common cold, young and old alike. But many dismiss this condition as a seasonal hazard saying that "it's just a cold!". Did you know that the common cold that doesn't go away can be the beginning of a nasal infection which can bring a bevy of horrible sinusitis symptoms like facial pain and swelling, fever, headache, congestion, postnasal drip and fatigue?
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Inevitably, the solution to get rid of rhinitis is to minimize or if possible, avoid contact with the triggering allergens or other triggering factors. But when that proves to be impractical or even impossible, there are some ways you could do to keep the rhinitis button off.
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When your nose is stuffed with external debris and unwanted substances, you have difficulty in breathing and it makes your life miserable. This is where nasal irrigation comes into the picture. It is an effective way to flush out excess mucus and debris out of the nose.
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The process comes in many names - sinus rinse, sinus flushing or sinus irrigation; but all these terms basically refer to one very simple, yet very promising technique that can dispel your sinus problems. Sinus irrigation basically involves allowing water to enter one nostril and drain out of the other nostril. This can be done as simple as by snorting water from cupped hands; to using the classic neti-pot (a tea-pot-resembling object of Ayurvedic origin); to simple gadgets like an ordinary needle-less syringe, bulb syringes or spray bottle; to commercially designed and manufactured nasal irrigators.
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