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Your bones might be at larger risk for splitting if you are suffering from bone density loss. Physicians have studied the long term results of Hormone Replacement on bone density. Long term health improvements have been discovered, and also short-term menopause symptom alleviation, in women who utilize hormone replacement treatments.
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It's amazing what the medical staff don't tell expectant new mums before they give birth. I'm not talking about the gory details, which are usually explained in all their glory and if not, they are read on the internet or in books by the pregnant lady. All that stuff is well and good but there are other details which were not mentioned to me and which can affect 75-80 per cent of new mothers. This would be the Baby Blues.
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There are plenty of reasons why women should exercise, but some aren't as obvious as others. But what constitutes exercise in the first place? There are two main types of exercise: 1. Cardiovascular Exercise walking, running, biking, swimming, rowing, water running, dancing. 2. Strengthening Exercises weight training, yoga, pilates, plyometrics, exercise bands.
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The main reason for bacterial Vaginosis in females is the imbalance of the vaginal bacteria due to some factors. Over growth of some anaerobic bacteria compared to the beneficial hydrogen peroxide producing lactobacillus bacteria cause serious imbalance in bacterial content resulting in this problem. Conventional treatments using antibiotics destroys both the beneficial and harmful bacteria suppressing the general body immunity system to a great extent. Diagnosis of this problem is often very confusing, as it does not show any particular symptom except a thick vaginal discharge with a fishy smell, and this should not be confused with vaginal yeast infection.
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Vaginal bacterial infections are very common in women and more than 80 percent of women experience these kinds of vaginal infections at some point in their lifetime. There are many kinds of vaginal infection and bacterial is one of the kinds. Vaginal infections occur when the balance of the bacteria present in the vagina get disturbed. Usually, we have the good bacteria and the bad bacteria present in the vagina naturally. The good bacteria keep a check on the overgrowth of the bad bacteria, but when this balance is disrupted because of some reason, the bad bacteria overgrow causing infection. In some cases, infection is caused by a fungus instead of bacteria.
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Vaginal dryness occurs when there is a lack of lubrication in the vagina. The dryness causes pain during sexual lovemaking and other discomforts. This is a common condition in women and can affect any woman. During menopause especially, vaginal dryness is a common occurrence. Vaginal lubrication usually consists of fluid that comes through the walls of the blood vessels around the vagina. Blood flows to the pelvic organs when one is sexually aroused and this creates lubrication.
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Ovarian cysts are pockets or sacs filled with fluid on the surface or within the ovary. Mostly these cysts are harmless but in some cases these cysts may cause bleeding, pain or rupturing and may be required to be removed by surgery. The ovaries in a woman are located on each side of the uterus and are the size of a walnut. The ovaries normally store the eggs and then release them at the appropriate time. Each month, one egg is produced in each ovary and is enclosed in a follicle. The egg grows in the ovary till the uterus is ready to release the egg. The uterus prepares for pregnancy by thickening the lining for implantation of the egg.
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Vaginal thrush in women occurs when there is an over growth of the yeast called candida albicans in the vagina. This is a common condition of the yeast infection in women and can be an embarrassing situation to deal with. Thrush should be treated properly in order to avoid it from re occurring time and again. If the symptoms are not fully cured with the proper treatment duration, it can keep reoccurring in many women.
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Vaginal discharge in women is not abnormal and it should not be treated as a disease. However, this only applies to the situations in which the discharge is clear or white and has no specific smell. Anything that looks different is probably a symptom of a medical condition. Sometimes there's nothing serious, but in some women it can be about a severe disease. The best thing to do when noticing an abnormal secretion, like a yellow vaginal discharge, is to see a doctor in order to know for sure whether you need treatment or not.
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All women need to learn how to recognize normal vaginal discharge from abnormal discharge. A certain amount of vaginal discharge is normal in all women because there are glands in the vagina and the cervix which release a secretion. The role of this is to actually clean the genital organs from harmful bacteria. Nothing is wrong as long as the vaginal discharge does not change in quantity or color. Normal discharge can either be clear or milky white and it's always odorless. Attention needs to be paid to white vaginal discharge also because if this is excessive or it's not actually white, but grey-white or stained with blood, it might also signalize a problem.
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