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Bởi: Pratik Shah
It has not been very long since the advent of ecommerce but within a very limited time, it has managed to establish itself as the first shopping option for many people around the world. With each passing day, more and more people are moving towards online shopping and making it an integral part of their lifestyle. In spite of the popularity it has gained, online shopping is still an urban trend and a sector which has seen the trend at its peak is the gifting segment. Urban people are increasingly moving towards ecommerce as their first choice for sending gifts. In this blog, we will try to extricate and discuss the points that revolve around the trend.

Why online gifting is feasible for urban people?

Lack of personal time
Urban lives revolve around work and a whole lot of work. People have very less personal time in which they want to rest, be with very close people, or plan for more work. So they find it feasible to buy online gifts as it doesn’t require them to invest time to go out and search for a nice and relevant gift.

Chi phí hiệu quả
It’s cost effective as they get to save their time and efforts and still get the best possible gift online. They can browse through different stores within a few clicks and get the best deal.
Geographical barriers between people

Urbanization has certainly increased the physical distance between people. People often move in search of jobs and work so even though closely related, people live far from each other. Ecommerce comes to their rescue then. No matter where in the world, customers can send online gifts to their loved ones.

How the gifting trends are changing?
It’s only that people prefer online gifting, that happened quite a time ago. Now the trend has moved to personalized gifts. Let’s try to understand the reasons behind it.

People prefer customized goods to ordinary ones
There’s some psychology behind this. There was a trend when people liked to gift handmade gifts to each other that was because of the idea of a personal touch to the gift. Now that people have no time to make handmade gifts and have technological options which can let them do so, they prefer it to other ordinary gifts.

Customers want to make up for personal absence
It’s difficult to meet the person concerned the same day that is supposed to be special for them for multiple reasons. But people want their gifts to reach them the same day and online gifting provides them the facility to do so. Therefore, they prefer online gifting. In case of personalized gifting, getting a gift get done from the traditional printer and send it to the concerned person is hectic while online gifting makes it really easy, affordable, and full of options.

How you can benefit from it?
As a store owner, you can bag this trend as an opportunity to earn more revenues. If you already have a Magento based online store dealing in gift items, you just need to add a segment that sells personalized gifts and you will definitely see your sales graph rising significantly. All you need to do is to manage logistics if you are to source the products from another seller and invest in an efficient Magento personalized product extension. And hola! You are all set to give a whole new dimension to your ecommerce business and fill up your bags with additional revenues.
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