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The domestic sector accounts for 30% of total energy consumption in the country. There is a tremendous scope for saving electricity at home. Economic use of home appliances can help in lower electric bill.

Consuming less energy, by being more energy efficient in the way you run your home, will naturally save you money. At the same time, you will be helping to protect the environment and safeguarding the future. There is a worldwide need to reduce the amount of energy consumed, and everybody has their part to play, whether in industry, transport, business, construction or at home.

We are not suggesting that you should reduce your standard of living in any way. Simply that: with a little bit of thought, you can enjoy all the amenities and lifestyle that you do now, yet also be making your own positive contribution towards the environment.

By following these simple tips one can save energy to a large extent.


- Lighting in your home can account for 15% to 20% of your electricity bill. Switch lighting on only when you need it, and switch it off when you don’t.
- Utilize day light as effectively as possible.
- When buying new lighting, consider choosing compact fluorescent (CF) bulbs. They use 75% less energy to give the same amount of illumination, and last up to 10 times longer than conventional bulbs.
- Use electronic chokes in place of conventional copper chokes.


- Replace conventional regulators with electronic regulators for ceiling fans.
- Install exhaust fans at a higher elevation than ceiling fans.

Electric iron

- Select iron boxes with automatic temperature cutoff.
- Use appropriate regulator position for ironing.
- Don’t put more water on clothes while ironing.
- Don’t iron wet clothes.

Microwave ovens

- Consume 50% less energy than conventional electric/ gas stoves.
- Don’t bake large food items.
- Don’t open the oven door too often to check food condition as each opening leads to a temperature drop of 25 degrees.
Electric stove:-
- Turn off electric stoves several minutes before the specified cooking time.
- Use flat-bottomed pans that make full contact with the cooking coil.


- Don’t switch on the power when TV and audio systems are not in use i.e. idle operation leads to an energy loss of 10 watts/device.


- Turn off your home office equipment when not in use. A computer that runs 24 hours a day, for instance, uses- more power than an energy efficient refrigerator.
- If your computer must be left on, turn off the monitor, this device alone uses more than half of the system’s energy.
- Battery chargers, such as those for laptops, cell-phones and digital cameras, draw power whenever they are plugged in and are very inefficient. Pull the plug and save.
- Screen savers save computer screen, not energy. Start-up s and shutdowns don’t use energy, nor are they hard on your computer components.


- Don’t keep your refrigerator or freezer too cold.
- Make sure your refrigerator doors are air tight.
- Cover liquids and wrap food stored in the refrigerator. Uncovered foods releases moisture and make the compressor work harder.
- Leave enough space between your refrigerator and the walls so that air can easily circulate around the refrigerator.
- Don’t open the doors frequently.
- Avoid putting hot or warm food straight into the fridge.


- Use optimal quantity of waters,
- Use timer facility to save energy.
- Use hot water only for very dirty clothes.
- Use correct amount of detergent.
- Prefer natural drying over electric dryers.

Air conditioners

- Keep regulator at low cool position.
- Seal the door and windows properly.
- Prefer air conditioners having automatic temperature cut off.
- Clean or replace the filters at the beginning of the cooling session.
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